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jaxxy's News

Posted by jaxxy - February 17th, 2010

...Is an awesome game. Go play!

Great work guys. I'm very impressed with the final results. <3

Posted by jaxxy - February 2nd, 2010

Ok, first off, I'm really fucking proud of Tomamoto for winning first place in the winter flash off thing! It's too bad I heard about this when I was away from the house otherwise I'd had cooked him a fancy dinner. :/ But anyways, congrats Tomamotoand KartuneHustla!
Sapphirehas started a neat VA project called Sexy Sound. She's looking for Voice Actors and mainly people with good mic quality I guess...go to her journal here to see what I'm talking about. The deadline for it is Feb 15th, so if you fit the part, get your butt movin'!

And finally M4rth2 St3w4rt is starting her Podcast this month. I'm very much anticipating it since I'm the first to be interviewed. :\ A few people are convinced that M4rth4 is my alias or something but...it's not, I just scribbled the shitty art for it. Wouldn't it be pretty gay if I was interviewing myself? Yeah, it would. Also, I'm not nearly as much of a bitch as her......... Also, M4rth4's cooking is dog shit compared to mine. >8C Her recipes will give you a heart attack and have bloody diarrhea for a month.
If you want to be on her show, just PM her or something. I don't know how the bitch operates, but so far a handful of people are going to be on her show. You could be too! Then again, why would you want to talk to that bitch?

On a less important note, I got myself a website thanks to Tomamoto. <3 So now I'm updating www.jaxxyart.com with crap. I doubt anyone cares what I do in my spare time when I'm not in school, but if you want to see some art from me that hasn't been uploaded here, that's probably the best place.
I'm really happy Punk-O-Matic has done well and people are enjoying the game. Evil Dog worked even harder to fix the issues people were complaining about, so give him a pat on the back! If the game still doesn't work for you...well...that's your problem. Get the ad-ware and porn off your stupid old gay computer and find one that can run the game because you'remissing out. >8C

Posted by jaxxy - January 20th, 2010

You know, I knew the game was BIG but....DAMN. IT'S FUCKING HUGE.
I'm so so soexcited that it's finally out and I'm so fortunate for being in the project! I hope you guys like the game because I know Evil Dog put a LOT of time and effort and love and sweat and balls and puke and blood into making such a fantastic game!


I hope this thing hits some kind of record or something... God, Druox and Tomamoto did an amazing job with them. I gotta say, Candy is my favorite and I think Druox does a fantastic job with her. His acting really helped me draw her character and I'm so proud of her expressions.
ANYWAYYYYYY, go let Evil Dog know how much you love it. :) It'd mean a lot to him.
Now we can get to workin on our next game! Get to work, Evil Dog!! >8C

Posted by jaxxy - January 7th, 2010

Ok, it's over, you guys can shuddup now. :3 You people are silly.
Sorry, I haven't been animating much. :c Been makin' some art for money.

And that's the news for today. Whatever, gives me an excuse to make a post. Happy birthday, Ego! :D
Also, he's got a mega sweeeet game come'n out....And I do too!!

~bye! :3

Posted by jaxxy - December 9th, 2009


User name: condotcom
pass: betatest

Now vote a bunch for General Ivan (finalist #2) so you can get cake and candy!
The contest is for the role of the Rotting Polar Bear cub for something...the winner gets to do some pro stuff with some pro voice actors in a pro studio. Pretty cool, ehhhh? ;3

Posted by jaxxy - September 27th, 2009

I'm...not really sure how I got 2nd place in the pirate VA contest, but thank you. It must've been from Tomamoto's amazingly awesome voice since I put that animation together the night before the competition was over. Thanks Tom and everyone else for the nice comments and 2nd place in the pirate contest! I used that $50 from the competition to buy us some groceries (unwillingly) so we don't starve. :3
Congrats to everyone else who won in the pirate contest! There were some really amazing voice entries that I was very surprised didn't get animated - such as Sapphire's entry. The Gentleman's Club. Mm, yeah...that hawt voice. ;) I guess it would have been a handful for an animator to handle, but it was certainly entertaining (and sexy) to listen to!

Later last night, Egoraptor was being hilarious - as usual - doing an impression of this English guy named Chris Evans...who we found through a google search for a much sexier Chris Evans. We found the glasses outside a movie theater with the frames punched out and they made the perfect nerdy glasses...so then I recorded this when we got home.

/* */
lol, I love you guys. <3 So yeah...work'n on some movies and games. :3 Stay tuned for some updates 'n shit.

Ahm Chris Evenz, thaynk yew.

Posted by jaxxy - September 3rd, 2009

Now I'm Jaxxy instead of poopy gender confused ajaxs50! 8D WOOHOO!

In other news, here is a shameless plug for Art Alleys. Some new website where you can dump your art, music, flash, and whatever else. They want more members and people reporting bugs so the site can run a bit more smoothly, so go over there and help them out.

Lil' Hoots 2 is on it's way. I've finished the storyboards and have an awesome voice acting cast...including a very talented and 'new to the scene' female voice actress, Sapphire, who recently submitted an entry to the NG Pirate Voice Acting Competition! I loved her entry and I'm SO glad she did one!! I'm betting many of you got a boner listening to it. ;D
Last night we listened to almost all of the entries to the Pirate VA contest and GOD I am so disappointed with you people. Here, I've done you all a favor and picked through them to find the one's that actually entertained me a little for one reason or another and seemed like they had some effort put into them...but geeze, there were so many terrible ones with shitty audio quality. Some of them had the idea there, but just couldn't execute it properly.
These entries entertained me;

The Gentleman's Club
Pirate Contest Entry-
It's Great To Be A Pirate!
Pirate Talk
Day in the Life of Pirate Dave
Pirate Entry Whatever
Pirate Pizza
NG Pirate Day Submission
Pirate Entry - ARRGH Idol
Wilsonbeard's Cannon

If you think YOUR submission was good enough or you want me to add anyones you think was decent to this VERY SHORT list, link me to it.
...I'll think about it.
So um yeah...enjoy this lovely picture of Skraggy & Egoraptor from a comicon photo gallery that I fucked with last night.

...That's what she said.

Thanks!!! 'n some other stuff

Posted by jaxxy - July 5th, 2009

SoooooooOOOoooOOoooOOoooooo.......If I'm gunna do episode 2 of Lil' Hoots, I'm gunna need a good female voice actress. Anyone know where I can get one 'o those?

Oh yeah, and I went to AX and met Skraggy, Dino, Rubber Ninja, Channel Cat, Nandi, Fthreat, Justin, Dai, and some other cool people on the internet...I forgot some names, sorry. :/ It was kinda unexpected show'n up there, but I had a lot of fun meet'n everyone and they were nice enough to sneak me in the con. :> And it's no lie - THEIR TEAM FORTRESS GROUP COSPLAY WAS EPIC. Probably even the best TF cosplay there. Fthreat, going around stabbing everyone in mid-photograph-moment, made a fucking brilliant Spy.
On another note, the AX Idol judges are all fags and I hate them and the whole shit contest they managed to pull together was retarded. They wouldn't know talent even if it took a big steamy dump on their chests. >8C

Also, if any artists on Newgrounds here are interested, I'm hosting this little fun event called Comix Jam - courtesy of the sheezy art watch club - where artists are picked weekly to draw a fun and random comic to add to a continuing, community comic. :) We're already up to the 10th strip! If you can doodle a little and wanna know more about the project, check dis shit out. Anyone can join in - The more people who join, the better. We want this thing nice and long to look back on.
Also, If ya'all wanna read the comic, I'll post the links to all the strips here so you can see what I'm talking about and get an idea of how it works.;
Comix Jam #1
Comix Jam #2
Comix Jam #3
Comix Jam #4
Comix Jam #5
Comix Jam #6
Comix Jam #7
Comix Jam #8
Comix Jam #9
Comix Jam #10

Posted by jaxxy - June 24th, 2009

I put a cartoon up. :3 Enjoy! <3

Posted by jaxxy - September 5th, 2008

I like this posty thingy. I'm such a n00b on the new/newgrounds.