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Wow...Having unreasonable parents with ridiculous expectations is something I can understand all too well. Although I didn't exactly find this game 'fun' to play through, it was very entertaining. The answers were stressful to pick from and you learn quickly that no matter what you say 'your parents' are steadfast in 'curing' and manipulating you. What jerks! >;(
I'm very glad this game exists and I hope it changes some minds and people's lives for the better.

Cute game, nice concept, but its far from ready to go on steam if this is it. There are images on the steam greenlight page that look like the final version of this game has more meat to it. The ending here, while factual, left me pretty bitter and never wanting to pick this game up again. It was like a big joke that I even played through it.
I wish there was a safer way to know how much money you needed for rent so you can buy any items too...not that you really need other items, but trying them out would have been nice. My money goal maxed out at 350 and then guild rent came and swiped 1000 off me. Not sure if that's a bug or what, but I didn't know it was coming and I read all the notices.
Also, just taking in painting after painting gets boring after a short time. I wish there were other objectives to complete or something. Maybe get the little painter a woman/secret man that wont get him arrested. Go out on big job painting missions. Upgrade his stupid little shack into something nicer. Get more apprentices. But it looks like you might already be working on that for the final game. So anyway, I voted yes because I liked the idea but I just hope this game gets some expansion.

This is a really fun game, but I think first boss fight is glitched? I hit him a bunch and his health didn't go down. :/

Asvegren responds:

Hi jaxxy. Thanks for the review. The first boss is damaged by hitting him when he is directly underneath a spike in the ceiling!

I'm not usually one for artsy games like this but....that was quite beautiful. Something not everyone can relate to, but hopefully most of the smarter people understand the emotional symbols and translations within the game. One hell of a roller-coaster you must have gone through.

So cool

Reminds you of how tiny we all are. I remember seeing the first version of this. Amazing then....even more so now.

ya know what...

This little game is super addictive. Very much one of the better tower defense games I've seen. I just wish there was more of it.


I like these series but what happened there at the end?? Pretty....weird conclusion. Also, when are you guys gunna get some voice actors? lol


I loved the atmosphere of this point & click. Really looking forward to part 2!

All hail the yellow

I'm really not sure why a lot of people are grading this game so harshly. This is one of the best horror/action flash games I've played in my life. I really loved the whole bug theme thing. The tactical shooting - something I don't see enough of in shooter games. I thought the ending was lacking a bit, but whatever. I had a great time playing. I hope to see more in the future.

Welp...my hell has officially become a reality.

Now we can burn all the vuvuzellas! HORRAY!

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