Entry #30

Background design - advice?

2015-12-03 17:17:10 by jaxxy

So...I don't want to say too much about what this project is since I've just started and mostly experimenting with art stuff. I've got my hands full with some other things right now and I don't have a lot of time to work on it but I'm excited to share. Right now I'm trying to nail down a style I'm happy with and a process that works well for me. I could really use some advice/crit/tips!

I've been using Google Sketchup to lay out some basic shapes/lines and stuff for the walls/doors/perspective and then draw over it and add color. I think I'm liking the results. It's definitely a start. What do you guys think? These aren't finished but I wanted to get some good feedback or maybe someone knows a neat trick to help with colors or layouts.

The hallway seems naked but I'm not sure what to put on the walls yet. Bathroom maybe needs more color variants. Definitely going to mess with the lights and shadows some more. Also I'm aware everything looks way too clean right now. I'll add in some finer details when I'm happy with the overall look. The bathroom needs at least 1 piss stain, right? XD




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2015-12-03 19:09:48

I literally cannot give any advice here. Those images are higher quality than anything I've ever drawn.


2015-12-03 19:29:10

Yeah, you're on the right track of adding greater details and textures to your environments, I can't say much about the lighting since I don't know the context or mood, these usually dictate the temperature of the paintings. I can't be too critical since, like you said, it's still incomplete. But as for hallway details, maybe a fire extinguisher, a potted plant, a vacuum cleaner. The bathroom, definitely piss, crude graffiti, water stains and little wear/age on something. These do already look very good and I'm sure you'll able to continue improving.

jaxxy responds:

These are both scenes from a high-end office building. Thanks for the advice! I'll add some of your suggestions in for sure.


2015-12-11 20:31:29

Little hints of wear and tear, like stained grout, variations in the carpet, streaks.
There's no pictures on the walls of the hotel hallways I've been in for the last month and a half :p All ceiling tiles are usually not the same.

But rly, what you've got here looks properly good, as well as the lens effect/patina :)