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Happy Halloween!

Posted by jaxxy - October 31st, 2014

Hi guys! Been a loooooooooong while. Too long. Here's some stuff you guys should totally check out...

My friend, Danny, managed to finish this toon of his in such a short amount of time. Throw him some support by watching and leaving a comment! He worked so hard and it looks so good!

BRAINS! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/647752

Tomar and I voiced in this all-too-acturate Jaltoid animation about becoming E-Famous. I'm the bitch and Tomar is the dramatic asshole. I really love how they animated everything! The style is so smooth and clean and the point it makes is...well, it hits the nail on the head.

E-Fame Survival Guide http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/648067

Something I uploaded. I made it in about 3 days before we left for Korea with very little sleep. A lot of people are complaining about the music or that the animation doesn't fit the music or they flat out hate the game and hate the animation because of it but...I really don't give a damn. I think it came out pretty swell. What do you guys think?

5 Nights @ Freddy's http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/648030

Thanks for givin this a read! Happy Halloween! ♥ ♥ ♥ Hope ya'all throw up and get to stay home tomorrow from all the delicious candy you'll be eatting. Candy-hangover.

Comments (6)

Thanks for the shout out Jaxxy~

And I thought your 5 nights at freddy's video came out great! ESPECIALLY IN THE INSANELY SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME YOU TOOK TO MAKE IT. 5/5

Thanks Danny! \(; u ;)/ YOU DID GREAT TOO! YOU DIDN'T HAVE LONG EITHER and you actually had a deadline.

Heyo! Welcome back and thanks for the updates! Definitely have to check these out! Hope you guys enjoyed Korea!

Thanks dude! Nice to see you too. :)

You couldn't figure out how to make text links either huh ;)? New RTF blog composer sucks :p Glad you're back from being internet dead, even if you still look dead in your user portrait (top left of your page), which is pretty awesome: Great colors and shading, didn't know you had in it you!

I've really missed your Art Portal submissions! Part of the fun of being here, is seeing how people improve over time. Once you're an established presence somewhere, the more positive reviews there will be... however, there still will be constructive criticism buried under all the adulation, bad puns and occasional trolling, and they will be coming from your long time fans, who want you to be the best!

Anyway, that's all I can think to say just now. Hope hubby and your families are all in good health and cheer... I'll be moving off the farm before Christmas :( so I might buy a small spread near Wade (or somewhere in PA), so I can give him some of my zucchini lol. Goodnight Mrs. Tomar, wherever you are!

Ahh, I actually haven't done a lot of drawing so I don't even know how many changes my art has gone through. But thanks! Was cool seeing you at the last Pico Day and best of luck on your move. I know you'll miss that place.

Whaaat??? Some people actually hate the song? But it was soooo good! Maybe too good. Guess that's why they hate it?


Was nice seeing you and hubby again, you both look more beautiful each time I see you!