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New Cartoon/Pico Day

Posted by jaxxy - March 2nd, 2012

So I'm back home...spent a week in Florida and feel ready to jump back into animating.
What's up? Whose gunna be at Pico Day this year? :D I can't wait to see all'yas!
Just released a cartoon to NG's I whipped up last month. It's been on youtube for a while, but if you haven't see it yet, check out 50MG! It's my first piece that I've done solely by myself and while it didn't take me too long to make, it gave me some confidence that I am capable of making stuff on my own when I need to. For now I'm continuing with Admincraft and working on the second episode.

In other news, I got a new layout on mah youtubez that Whitedevil is redo'n and me, Ego, 'n Rubberninjerrr have been makin' some sweet ass cartoons on the weekends. If you've been watching Delocated on Adult Swim this month, then you've probably seen YCHANG IN THE CHINESE MAFIA!! He plays Qi-Qang (the guy Jon is talking to in the clip). I am so proud'a him. <333

Also, Mike Welsh is a genius and you can't even begin to understand his Majesty.

Be sure to watch Oney's cartoon about MACHITIMA! There are much better networks out there that will treat you with much more respect and won't shit all over your hard work. :3

New Cartoon/Pico Day

Comments (11)

I don't think it's gonna be taken down by Oney, it seems Mashitima still hasn't unpartnered with that one Megan girl yet. which is ridiculous, flash animators deserve way more attention than these camera whores, mainly because they put EFFORT into their stuff, but I digress.

o snap. ._. yeah, you're right. wtf lol.

thanks to oney video 2 things are awesome

1: i know now how evil machinima is and i unsubscribed them;

2: thanks to that! that bigg tity failure called megan will lose her YT partnership!!! ;DDD

It's crazy how many videos she has. XC Just wasting space on Youtube's servers.....oi!

oh ops looks like machitima jackassed oney!


look at the video infos again! mashitima remove megan from they PARTNERSHIP and not Youtubes
that means she still will be able to spam AKA steal money videos :CCCC

you know what, we should just all ban together and flag her damn channels.

Lookin forward to seeing more of your stuff! You've always got some nice character designs but just need more of a chance to see 'em!

And may, MAY see you at Pico day if I can find a way to justify the flight cost and find a place to stay

I just found you on Youtube the other day and subed. :3 You deserve WAAAY more subs. It's so expensive fly'n overseas, but I hope you can make it somehow! :D It'd be super cool to meet you!

Fun Flash. And Mike is a god damnned genious.

Yessir. :3

I can't wait till Youtube/Google/MaSHITama wakes up and searches for non-mindless/interesting content for a change. I've seen interesting work but never gets noticed. May Oney get more views on this video so the staff will wake up and hear him out, if that ever even happens.

Shitty companies do shitty things.

Ready to get back into animating ... I hear that. With a vengeance.

This whole move, BVI trip, and a following week in NYC is leaving me with little time to buckle down for a solid chunk of time to draw/animate/voice. But that'll all change very soon.

Great work on 50mg!! See you at Paco Day!!


I love those days when you get a massive amount of animation done...and you look at it and go "Yes. BT I did that shit." See you on Pico Day!!!!! :DDD

Mike is an undiscovered genius. EVERYONE HEAR THIS!

Not sure about undiscovered since he's on the NG staff and all......but he is fucking awesome. X333

thank u jaxita xxx

ychang is a champ, cool to see him in on tv.

and ill be there