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Admincraft ~ A Minecraft Cartoon

Posted by jaxxy - January 20th, 2012

Soooooooo it's been a while. A lot's been happening here.
Today I just released a new cartoon - yeah, you guessed it. It's about Minecraft. A sorta' true story about the Minecraft server we run and the fun people who play on it. I'm not much of a Minecraft player myself, but a lot of my friends are and I do enjoy checking out the amazing stuff they build on the server.
If you were at our panel at MineCon in November then you might remember seeing this but....HERE IT IS: Admincraft
And if you WEREN'T at our panel, then you totally missed out on me embarrassing myself...so thank you. Sure was a fun time in Vegas that weekend. That DeadMau5 concert was pretty awkward, wasn't it?

And thank you to everyone involved. Couldn't have done it without ya'all. If you play on the server you could be featured in the next episode!
Also, check out our little youtube channel run by Tomamoto and myself.

...And well that's it. :1 That's all I wanted to say.

Admincraft ~ A Minecraft Cartoon

Comments (26)

I love how swain looks like an evil lego man <3 Great job!

Thanks man! :D

Oh no who the hell let blockhead on the server D:

HEH. >83

owned by soup squad idiot

How does that make me an idiot?

It says your cartoons been flagged. O:

Thanks for the heads up. I sent some e-mails. :x

Wait. Wasn't it on Newgrounds like 5 minutes ago?
(Damn spam groups)
Good job though.

haha yeah...I guess a group deemed it unworthy for newgrounds.

Nah, they're just being dicks because it was so good.
(They organized a blam strike, feel honored.)

They're not doing it right.

what the fuck is going on? there's like a massive bomb squad trolling ng... all sorts of flashes are getting knocked out.

I think they're sopa protesters....but they're doing it wrong.

I need to play again, it was absurdly fun during my last stint there

You should see the server now! It is quite magnificent.

Zero Bombed just like me, today I uploaded a movie, and it was 6 hours on NG, then it got a score of 2.50, massive zero bombing fags

They're getting flagged. XC

Nice! You my friend, gained a subscriber :)

hooray!! :D

Jaxxy, you're the best <3 Can't wait 'til it's back on NG.

apa, i luvu <3

should i be worried that the first time i tried playing minecraft i felt violently ill? my eyes started to twitch and my head felt like a buzzing vibration. havent had the nerve to start it up again &not;&not;

nah, that's normal.

Zero bombing bastards... it makes me wonder. Yesterday, during the SOPA strike, a lot of crappy crew/squad/syndicate flashes got a pass, because they had anti-SOPA messages (I'm guessing). So WTF is going on today? I caught your wonderful flash before the haters knocked it off the board - please repost, after we've tarred and feathered the offending scallywags!

Just found out it wasn't 0 bombed...but flagged 10 times for being 'stolen' even though nothing in that flash had copyrighted material. So I guess they're just stupid.

Damn that sucks that there was a zero bomb strike. I guess it happens to everyone and not just me. O_O

They should set the system up to disable your voting if you constantly vote zero on everything. :/

Is the Soup squad some sort of SOPA protest? Cuz if it is they kinda suck at protesting. Newgrounds knows and doesn't need to be reminded of what SOPA is gunna do.

I wouldn't let Swain in the same server as me, let alone the same house. Goooood Grief.

But why? He is so beautiful.

Ross lead the horde? :P

spoilers lol

woah. that was amazing :D

nice work ;)

Thanks dude. :)

LOVE all your works love it

did you ever think about doing some hentai ? :D

I have. But youuuu will never find it. :)

daily first!? show off :P


I really loved it! :D. Ill have to check out this server if its being run by these guys its gotta be crazy fun XD
also i have a question (this might make me sound like a noob but) whos the robot o:?

That's Iggy...she's not on newgrounds, but she is the BEST admin EVERRRR.

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