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Comments (34)

I can imagine tomar saying vowels instead of vows.
Congrats guys!

...aren't vowels in vows?

Congratulations!! Wow, look at that sumptuous critter fur! And what you're wearing's nice too, Jaxxy :3
Good lookin' out for the starving marvins of Newgrounds, hope someone capable steps up.

Hahaha, why thank you. :) I hope someone gets the job!

Congratulations you two! You look great together, and we all expect to see little itty bitty Tomars running around soon!

Hopefully not TOO soon! I want to keep making animations!


haha yis

glad to see he wore a shirt for the wedding at least

It was a big argument, but eventually we got him to understand

put in a good word for me?

i did :)

sexplosion. dear lord, that photo is a super combo.

Oh stawp, you

Congrats again, GREAT photo! <3

Thanks kirb! :D

I hope your friend finds the peepee animator he's looking for. Oh! And congratulations, I guess. Whatever. (;])

Well thanks! I guess, whatever. XD

it was just a matter of time ^^

No babies! Not yet! XD


Tanks! :D

If Jorge ever needs sensual voiceovers for peepee in peepee action, do let me know, Mrs. Tomar <3

Everybody should watch Jaxxy's streams on Wednesday, they're a blast!

Oh! If you're interested in voicing for him, I'm sure he'd love to get you on board. I believe he's looking for voice actors as well - so long as you're comfortable with it.

Lol, you look like rich people.

We had a lot of help. XD A wedding is a special day!

Congratulations! You guys look really rich............. anyways I like your animating

It's a trick. We had a lot of help from our lovely families. :)

I cant draw peepees, I havent seen mine in years :/

I'm so sorry. :(

Nice to see you move on in life behind the computer. Oh boy, wouldn't that be sweet. ;P

Pff, hardly. We're still the same 'ol Tomar 'n Jaxxy...only with more paperwork. :)

Will he also need voice actors?


Damn, a married Newgrounds couple. Should've had the NG admins there. Anyways, congrats and all that.

We didn't wanna bug anyone. I almost sent Tom and PM about it, seeing as we met through Newgrounds and all. n.n
Also, lots of people = lots of expenses, so it was practically perfect the way it turned out!

Did Krus actually say all that stuff out-loud during the wedding? lol your hubby so short.

He's your handsome dwarf warrior.

"mazel tov" to both of you.

No! XD He was awesome and sweet and kept his mouth shut through the whole ceremony....though when I saw the video, even I was fooled for a few seconds. He does make it sound just like he's talking in a big chapel really loudly over the music.
He's just fucking talented.

No wonder I keep missing the show. I'm always still asleep at that time of the day where I stay... :(

Yesterday we went on for 12 hours! It was a long day. I keep getting requests to do weekend streams, but we're always busy and I forget!

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