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Comments (19)

Very nice animation! :)

(PS it is me, I remember you asked on the Pico Day Cam "Twisted4000, hmm that sounds familiar" lol)

Course I remember you! :D Your avatar is very memorable.

Lil Hoots 2? YES! YES!
The first one is one of my favs from you! Can't wait.
I've been subscribed to your channel for a while, LOVE IT.
Your voice acting skills are also great!

Thanks dude! :D Lil Hoots was my first serious project...so I promise 2 will be SO MUCH BETTER.
I saw your Dino toon ~ Great job! Loved the design of your little dinos. Especially the rex. :)

MONKEYS vs FLINTSTONE TIES ... in retrospect, I really woulda liked to see Noah walkin' around sporting that tie, cuz we know he'd wear it all the time and shout "YABADABADOO".

LOL totally! XD I still have your monkey too. Want me to send it to you?

Nice job in your new flick, slick animation ;) I liked it.

Thanks poopy! :D What have you been up to lately anyway?

Yep... play offline. Isn't it nice to play video games in the land of freedom? Glad you met Jae; he does some animating on Livestream or some-such. Nice bloke :3 Good luck with the garden!

My garden is starting to die TT-TT But it's almost harvest time (end of the month) so I hope it makes till then. Jae is awesome! He came over da house. It was fun. :>

That was freaking great! :)

Thanks matt! :D I miss you! D:

first i didn get why but now i do....its because you need connection EVEN TO PLAY FRIGGIN OFFLINE!
thats just stupid...

It's because you CAN'T play offline! I guess they did that so people couldn't play with a pirated game....?

Love the new toon, Jaxxy <3

Thanks apa! :3 See you soon!

nice work!! it was good seeing ya! sorry I almost ate your grizzled cheezed sammich :c

Oh yeah, I was so tired I forgot about that. I was so tired I don't remember much actually. I think I ended up getting some of Swain's spiced mcheezy anyway and I was mad about it. :T But then I got a whole nuther sammich and stamper made soup so it was cool. :3

oddly inspiring...
i haven't a clue for what, but it was the first thing on my mind.

You should make something! :D

D'aw, I wish I could've gone to D&B with you guys but RAIN.

Nice toon. C:

Thanks kirb! Oh yeah, I guess we missed the rain. Were you at the bar?

I wanna try an experiment. Let see if the monkey tries to escape. If not, I look forward to wearing him around my neck all next pico day :) <3

haha, I'll be sure to bring him. :) I will forever look at him and remember our D&B adventure.

Haha nice. Yeah i've noticed you've really been on a animation spree lately o.o. Your voice sounds different in your stuff now, but it's good :). Can't wait for LH2, it's an honor to work with you as I'm a fan of your work. I wish I could go to the NG meetups, maybe someday! I've always wanted to animate but it's mainly that trying to use the new flash is more complicated x.x if someone could teach me I'm good haha.

Well, I can't teach, but I learned by just playing around with the program. You'll catch on pretty fast.

I really enjoyed Jaes turtle cartoon. Can't wait to see him make more hehe.

dats my fav too. :3

Hey Ballsaxxy :3


Hahaha Good stuff as usual Jaxxy.

thanks man!

luv your art style :3

thanks dude!

Ya know, the voice you used in Jae's Vagina Face toon was really good! It came out real natural and full sounding, and ... oh, that's the voice you were born with. Niiiice!
Jae's work lately reminds me of Mike Judge's early Beavis and Butthead, which is a good thing.

Not a bad thing imo. :3

...I should really check your website to see what you've been cooking lately :3
How've you been this hot summer, having fun outside the windowless room?